The Important Technologies Used in Agriculture


The Important Technologies Used in Agriculture

Agriculture technology involves the use of modern technology to advance agricultural production. The word ‘technology was first used in agriculture in the late 1800s to describe new practices which were being developed to increase yield and decrease the amount of time spent on work. These practices were then termed ‘agriculture technology’. In the century that has passed since agriculture has seen a drastic change. With technology becoming more sophisticated, new techniques have been developed, crop production has improved manifold, and land productivity has increased over the years.

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One such advancement in agriculture technology is water sensors. Water sensors are used by farmers to better manage their cropping system and ensure that the best quality of crops is produced at the right time of the year. Farmers need to ensure that they plant their crops in the right season, water is distributed on the land according to the instructions given by the weatherman, and when the crops are grown, they are harvested according to the appropriate date. These tasks take place only with the aid of technologies like crop rotation systems, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, fertilizers, and so on.

Automation has also played a vital role in ensuring that agriculture technology takes place in an effective manner. Modern farming practices make use of machines like tractors, combines, harvesters, plows, and others. These machines play a crucial role in ensuring that crops, forests, and fields are thoroughly managed. They ensure that crops are not sown at the wrong time of the year, plucked at the wrong time of the year, or gathered in the wrong place. With the aid of modern machinery, farmers no longer have to do all these hard manual tasks.

One example of agriculture technology that is present in almost every farm is the hydrometer. This is a device that measures soil moisture and other relevant data that are needed in order for farmers to properly plan and grow their crops. The hydrometer can either be manually operated or can be completely automated. If it is a fully automated system, then the farm manager can conduct a number of routine and important tasks even from his office.

Another important tool in agriculture technology used by farmers today is tillage equipment. This is a type of machinery that is used in raising the land to a level where crops can be grown. Other types of farming machinery that are used include the following: the combination plow, harvester, tiller, digging machine, sprayer, and others. All of this machinery, together with tractors, combines, harvesters, and plows, make up the basic structure of a modern farming operation. In fact, farmers rely heavily on the following technologies in order to be successful in their line of business:

Agriculture technology helps determine which of the following two technologies is the most suitable for the application in question. In cases wherein the application will focus on increasing crop production and decreasing the cost of production, then a hydroponic system is deemed the best option. On the other hand, in situations where increasing consumer preferences for healthier foods and reducing the environment’s impact on the agricultural sector are prime objectives, indoor vertical farming systems would be considered more advantageous. In this case, hydroponics and indoor farming would be considered as the two technologies that are most relevant for a given application. By determining which of these two technologies will be the most beneficial to an agriculture operation, the crop production costs can be minimized.

The third most important technology available to agriculture operators is the sensing and actuation system. Here, an agricultural operation can be monitored by the use of water sensors. These water sensors are installed in strategic positions on the field and will detect any changes in the soil water quality. With the actuation system, this sensing and actuation technology will also control the fertilizers used for a particular agricultural operation as well as the irrigation systems used to ensure efficient crop production.

The fourth most important agricultural technology is integrated pest management. This technology involves using controlled insecticide and pesticide plant applications. The application of insecticide will be done either by spraying the insecticide through a machine gun or manually. Meanwhile, the use of plant pesticides is done by planting the pesticide-coated seeds on the soil. This will then serve as protection for the targeted pests during the time that they reproduce.