Serendipity – 偶然闯入的世界


Serendipity (2021)
Other Title: 偶然闯入的世界, Accidental World, Ou Ran Chuang Ru De Shi Jie , Accidental world

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Genres: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 12
Country: China
Director: Liu Dingye
Writer: Xu Miao, Xu Youran
Network: Sohu TV
Release Date: Aug 5, 2021 – Aug 26, 2021
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Sky Li as Yan Sui / Hai Ning / Yan Xiu / He Han
Song Yi Xiong as Wan Wan
Wei Ran as Xiao Mi / Little Horse / Mei Yan Qiao / Wu Yu
Liu Jia Xi as Lan Ying
Hank Qi as [Prince]
A quirky girl Mu Xiao Ru accidentally enters a parallel world and intrudes into the private space of Yan Sui, a cold professor. She begins on a journey which turns the various worlds upside down.

The ghost horse girl Mu Xiaoru and the cold genius Yan Sui met again fifteen years later because of “Crossing Clouds”. Mu Xiaoru, who was still in the bookstore last second, unexpectedly crossed the world of novels and faced chase in the next moment. In search of Yunjue, Yan Sui can only enter the story with Shu Lingwan to save Xiaoru. In order to leave the space and time of the novel and help Yan Sui go home at the same time, the two work together to fulfill the wish of the characters in the book to counterattack. As they got along, the two people who had their own minds gradually opened their hearts, and Yan Sui gradually let go of the obsession of going home for Xiaoru.

However, after a great war, Wan Wan, who had been guarding the two loyally, suddenly lost consciousness and wanted to eliminate all the aliens in the novel world. Yan Sui and Xiaoru were forced to enter the chaotic world. In the end, would they succeed in awakening Wan Wan? Regaining vitality?

Fifteen years ago, fate brought Mu Xiao Ru and Yan Sui together. Though their meeting was brief, both were left with memories that would stay with them the rest of their lives, and Xiao Ru was left with a little something more. Picking up a strange bracelet, Xiao Ru had no idea that in doing so, she would ultimately alter not only her fate but the fate of countless universes as well. Still fascinated by the bracelet she found more than a decade ago, Xiao Ru keeps it with her always. Completely unaware of the unique power it possesses, Xiao Ru might have been ignorant of that power forever, had she not wandered into a bookstore one fateful day. Activated by a mysterious flame, the bracelet pulls Xiao Ru into not just one parallel universe, but many. Traveling between these strange new worlds, Xiao Ru soon meets the very same Yan Sui, who she met all those years ago. Shocked by this unexpected meeting, Yan Sui initially tries to brush off this chance encounter. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that the fate of these worlds is directly connected to Xiao Ru’s sudden appearance.

Determined to save the worlds from the clutches of a growing evil and help Xiao Ru get back home, Yan Sui and Xiao Ru embark on a journey that will literally change all of their lives forever. But the evil that hunts them is relentless and it soon becomes apparent that they are quickly running out of time. Will good ultimately triumph over evil?