First Love Again – 循环初恋


First Love Again (2021)
Other Title: 循环初恋, 循环初恋, Sweet on Series , Time Machine , Xun Huan Chu Lian , Shi Guang Ji , 时光机 , 循環初戀

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Genres: Romance, School, Youth, Fantasy
Episodes: 24
Country: China
Director: Wang Yan
Writer: Liu Cheng Long
Network: iQiyi
Release Date: July 29, 2021 – Aug 14, 2021
Related Show: Adapted from the novel “Time Machine” (时光机) by DTT


Patrick Shih as Ye You Ning
Amy Chen as Xia Wen Xi
Gao Mao Tong as Lin Jia Qi
Gao Qiu Zi as Gao Xiao Ai
Yang Gen as Yang Wen
Xu Wan Ting as Chen Ting Ting
In the year 2019, eminent physicist Ye You Ning travels back to his hometown in China from abroad after many years to take care of his ailing grandfather. However, after a thunderstorm, he finds himself transported back to his school days as a student in the year 2006. He discovers that the secret of his time travel lies in the mobile phone of Xia Wen Xi, his optimistic and sunny deskmate. As he attempts to go back to his original timeline by communicating with Xia Wen Xi through the phone and manipulating events in the past, he gets to relive his life in various situations, goes through regrets, and gets to know the gravity of the choices he had made and the true worth of the people he met, including Xia Wen Xi and his old classmates whom he had failed to cherish. Source: MyDramaList.